Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Hornheads

It's been awhile since I've shared information on a specific chamber group.  For this post I'd like to feature one of my favorite jazz groups.  The Hornheads are an acapella jazz quintet from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The current members are Michael Nelson, trombonist/composer/arranger, Steve Strand, lead trumpet, Dave Jensen, trumpet, Kenny Holman, soprano/tenor sax, and Kathy Jensen, alto and bari sax.  The group has been together since 1991, can be heard on over 60 recording projects, and has toured extensively with Prince and Tower of Power.  They cover a variety of repertiore including works of Ellington, Bernstein, Monk, Stevie Wonder as well as their own compositions.  The innovative ensemble has reached a large audience, especially with their work in high schools, jazz festivals, universities and art series across the states. Enjoy the clip!


  1. I realize that Minneapolis isn't a small town or anything but I think it's cool to hear about a group that's doing something in the midwest. I like this recording you put up. I will have to check out more of their music. Are you any relation to Michael Nelson?

    1. I'm glad you liked it. I agree- it's great to hear about talented and innovative groups in our part of the states. I have no relation to Michael.

  2. Kenny Holman is AWESOME. I've played Hornhead charts before; they are tough but rewarding because they play to the strengths of each instrument. Thanks for posting these guys!