Thursday, April 12, 2012

What We Do Is Secret

Lansing McLoskey's work, What We Do Is Secret, concluded our listening session on Monday.  McLoskey currentley serves on the faculty of the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami as an associate professer.  His early influences included the Beatles, Bauhaus and Black Flag.  He began writing music for punk rock bands in the early 1980's, he also played guitar.

What We Do Is Secret was a new listening experience for me.  Upon first listening it was hard for me to follow and stay engaged in the music, I found listening to the piece to be a little exhausting.  After listening several more times I've come to appreciate some of his techniques.  I especially like the opening to the third movement, New York's Alright (If You Like Saxaphones).  I hear very clear jazz influences and the percussion introduction reminds me of a style similar to drum cadences found in marching cores.

Because the piece is so new and the style is unfamiliar it's hard to form an opinion on the piece.  The most interesting thing about the work, and composer, must be the assortment of influences that led to this style.  Young composers writing music for instruments in the classical genre are continuing to be influenced by all kinds of music.  With so many styles readily available to musicians I think genres will continue to blend, resulting in pieces like What We Do Is Secret.

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  1. I thought your comments were really interesting on this piece, because I was actually the opposite. I really enjoyed the piece right off the bat. Something about not knowing what to expect made it intriguing to me. (at least from audience perspective)