Monday, April 23, 2012

Masterclass Reflections

Yesterday’s master class was the third time I have heard Chuck Lazarus present.  Each time I hear his philosophies on brass playing they resonate more and more.  At the forefront of his playing are extremely clear musical ideas.  Most great teachers will say this, but he personifies these ideas.  He explained if you have an absolutely clear idea of the way you want to sound and are completely engaged in the music, the product will be better immediately.  Perfect rhythm was an idea he emphasized through out the entire class.  He combines extremely thoughtful musical ideas with perfect rhythmic clarity and integrity to get a superior musical product in any style.  He is also an efficient player in every sense.  The way he brings the instrument to his embouchure, the precision with which he holds the trumpet, and the consideration he puts into each breath and articulation all exude utmost musicality and thoughtfulness.  By eliminating anything non musical and unnecessary from his playing he simplifies the thought process and is able to engage in musical ideas.  He is very naturally talented and he compliments this with thoughtful and efficient practice and performing.  I was quite impressed with everything he had to share yesterday and I would recommend hearing him speak if you get the opportunity. 

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